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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lazy Saturday

We really had a very lazy Saturday morning.

Every once in a while doing that is such a bliss!

We are typically so busy with work and balancing that with being parents at the same time.

So on weekdays, it's always a rush it seems... getting up, getting ready, dropping Julian off at his nannny's, work, picking up Julian, making dinner, bathtime, storytime, bedtime.

On our days off we have gotten so used to getting out of the house with Julian because he has enjoyed this so much ever since he was a tiny little baby.

I can tell you that was hard!!

Both hubby and I are stay at home type of people. We love staying up late Friday and Saturday, sleeping in on the weekends, being lazy around the house, watching movies or TV, reading a book, doing things around the house, going out for late lunches and very late dinners.

Then Julian came along and he was such a busy little baby that we found ourselves going out and doing a lot of things with him, since he loved it and didn't get antsy so quickly.

And we have kept this up.

Whether we go out shopping, to the park, feeding the fish at the pond, the zoo, museum, theme park, lunch with friends... there is always something on the agenda.

And with Julian still taking a 2 hour nap in the afternoon it's typically something we try to do in the morning, so that we can have naptime after lunch.

I think we have gotten so used to it! And more than anything we enjoy seeing how happy Julian is when he's out and about. He really doesn't care whether he's at Ikea shopping with us or at the park running around, he is just so excited to be out, see people, see things, run around!

Just seeing him laugh, giggle and seeing the excitement in his eyes makes us happy!

So every once in a blue moon there will be a lazy morning like this one.

Sleeping in (which is typically 8am nowadays)...

cuddling up in bed and watching cartoons together...

wearning PJ's all morning...

late breakfast...


playing in the backyard or in the frontyard...

Yep, today was one of those mornings :)

I made homemade wheat banana pancakes.

Julian loved the hearts!

Lunch was actually at McDonald's. Julian requested to go there, and since we actually don't go very often, I got both of us dressed quickly, and his request was to sit inside and eat.

Hubby was back pretty quickly, so once Julian woke up form his nap we packed our bagpack and headed over to Lake Thonotosassa to look at the area and scout it as a possible home site.

The plan was to rush a little bit, since daylight savings time starts tonight, so we will loose an hour of sleep!

Luckily I have been getting Julian to bed early this week, and we had to get up early this week as well with my work schedule. So rather than the typical wake up call at 7:30am, Julian has been getting up between 6:30am and 7am.

We decided to have dinner at Carraba's, we all love it there.

And it's the one place my very picky hubby will inhale the Spicy Sausage Lentil Soup :) if they have it.

Yep, they had it!

My favorite dish there is the Spicy Linguini Pescatore... Linguini with shrimp, scallops and mussels in a spicy marinara sauce. Soo good!

Hubby always orders lasagne. I vary once in a while. The cheese pizza was for Julian :)

And because it's the weekend, we ordered dessert.

Warm apple tart with vanilla ice cream, yummy!!

Julian ate the icecream (he got sooo excited when the dessert came out, jumpping up and down on the seat yelling "Yay! Yay! Yum yum yum!!!!!" I love it!!) and I ate the apple tart... now with vanilla sauce or what was left of it!

Look at my poor baby...

when I picked him up yesterday he was running around throwing a huge ball up in the air and trying to catch it.
Suddenly I saw him trip over his own feet and he was headed right towards one of the the nanny's corner tables and would have hit it with his face, so I instintively reached out to grab him... but I had my keys in my hand! So I scratched him on his cheek with my nail, and my car key hit him on the nose between his eyes.
Of course there was blood and lots of crying :( My poor baby :( I do still feel that it would have been worse if he had crashed into the table with his face.

After I held him and comforted him for a few minutes he was still crying but I asked him if he felt any better.
His response "Not yeeet!"... *sob sob sob more crying*
Ok, both the nanny and I had to laugh about that one, it was too cute! Yes, we tried as hard as possible to suppress it :)

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