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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Home shopping

.. not the network, but we are still looking for a new home!

Still taking our time and now narrowing down between the models that we like.

Decisions, decisions... we like bits and pieces of each model, we wish we could combine our favorite ones!

So today we went to see one of the models again that we like. Looking at the kitchen makes me dream... our kitchen is so small and old and we don't have much space!

Beautiful right? And this builder is currently offering free granite countertops and free upgrades on all appliances to stainless steel.

That is one thing I do appreciate about American homes versus buying or even renting in Germany... my sister is in the process of buying an apartment with her boyfriend in Rome, Italy. And as is customary in Europe, you don't move into a place with a complete built in kitchen - you have to buy and install your own.

Sometimes we don't appreciate how convenient life can be here!

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