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Thursday, March 8, 2012


I had a very very quiet Julian in the car this morning.

I'm not used to this at all.

Typically my little happy guy is just that... happy! Chatting, giggling, laughing, or at least watching Mickey Mouse on the iPad or playing a game.

This morning he just told me "Sleep" in a tiny little voice, slightly pouty mouth, then cuddled up with his bear.
And he said yes to the blanket.

The entire drive!

Broke my heart that I had to drop him off like this :(All he wanted was for me to hold him :(

But this isn't what my post is about :)

OMG I found my Erdnussflips!!

Ich LIEBE Erdnussflips!!

I just love these peanut puffs!

Anyone who has ever lived in Germany knows these peanut puffs.
Or at least if you spend a few years there, and especially if you grew up in Germany - you know what I mean!

Actually I'm surprised they are not known here in the US at all.

Since everyone is so crazy about peanut butter, peanut butter cups, etc.

They are so delicious... little puffs of peanuts. Same consistenty as cheese puffs but well... made with peanuts!


Yesterday I posted a picture of the "German section" at our new Publix on Facebook.

So all my dear German Expatriat friends on Facebook started talking and soon enough I found out that Big Lots in Texas had peanut puffs and some other German food items as well.

Of course I had to visit my local Big Lots today!

And yes I found them!

Along with some other German items. I don't care too much about the Italian or French stuff.

It's funny... once you move into a foreign country you really start missing the food that you grew up with.

Especially when you realize that it's not as easy to come by as you think.

The Big Lots I went to was an Outlet store.

Yeah I know... Big Lots and outlet?

Even cheaper!

So these heavenly peanut puffs were on sale! But I ended up only buying one bag, all the other bags had an expiration date of March 12th.

Hello? No way I can, uhm, should eat more than 1 bag by March 12th!

Not bad for $1 though :)


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