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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Animal Kingdom

My friend Tanja flew in from Hamburg last night.

Brought a ton of my favorite sweets... Knoppers and Yes Toertchen!!

And easter candy for Julian :)

Disney was on our list to do today, surprisingly hubby was given the day off!!

We let Tanja decide where to go and she chose Animal Kingdom over Magic Kingdom.

My 3 day Florida pass expired last time we went to Disney, but the deal was just too sweet, so I bought another 3 day pass.

$99 plus tax for 3 days, any days, any park between 4/14 and 5/25, instead of $95 plus tax for just one day!

I'm sure I'll be back with Julian even if it's without hubby!

He does really well on the 1 hour drive and I want to take him back to Magic Kingdom, and Epcot Center.

I was disappointed that the Tree of Life was closed due to technical issues :(

The weather was gorgeous, but it was crowded! Springbreak...

Julian had hs name written in Thai in Asia... there was a little booth with lovely people from Thailand so they wrote his name for him :)

My baby was so tired and exhausted that he feel asleep around 3pm, sitting in my lap... while watching The Lion King show! Incredibly loooouuuuuud music and singing, so I put my hands over his ears once he fell asleep :) I had to fight falling asleep myself! Almost fell over twice!

We watched one more show, went on a ride in Dinoland, and then had dinner at The Rainforest Cafe, I just love this place!

Southwest eggrolls as an appetizer.

Just love all the animals, trees, flowers, the "rain"... I just wonder how they ever clean all of this? Hmm...

And our glorious volcano dessert... brownies with vanilla icecream and lots of whipped cream.

The four of us didn't finish it :)

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