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Monday, March 19, 2012

Busch Gardens and Girl Night

Another beautiful day in Florida.

I just love the spring, when we have around 80 F weather, sunshine, blue skies...

And a nice cool breeze!

As long as I have taken my daily Zyrtec I can actually go outside, and the pollen count has come down just in the last few days.

Hubby had the day off so we decided we should take Julian back to Busch Gardens.

Hubby has been planting the seed though lol kept asking Julian since last night where he wanted to go and feeding him the answer "Busch Gardens!"

We were able to see a bunch of animals, ride the choo choo train (Julian's most favorite part),

and then the additional highlight of the day was Sesame Street World!

We brought Julian's new swim clothes (had to buy a 3T shirt and 2T pants for him) and we spent almost an hour just walking around the kids pool area.

To our amusement, Julian's favorite toys were fallen leaves.

He would pick them up, throw them in the water, pick them up again, throw them again, etc.!

We were on time to watch the live animal show as well, and Julian loved it!
Seeing the birds fly freely around in the arena, the dogs, cats, etc... so much fun!

Right after dinner, I was ready to leave for my girl's night with my dear friend Shelly.

We were neighbors many many years ago and stayed close friends all these years.

Just a quick girl's night out, but still great time to chat in the car and just watch a cute movie together.

We picked "The Vow", based on a true story.

A young couple gets into an accident, the wife wakes up not remembering her husband.

But he fights to win her back and of course.. happy end.

I just love Rachel McAdams and the male lead definitely was eye candy as well!

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