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Monday, March 12, 2012

Mickey Mouse day!

We had such a great time with Julian at Epcot Center a few weeks ago, and he did so well that we thought we should take another family trip to Disney and go to Magic Kingdom this time.

Julian was a little disappointed that we didn't meet Mickey Mouse at Epcot.
He happily took a pictures with Donald Duck and that Teddy Bear, I forget his name.

But no Mickey :(

The weather has been beautiful for weeks now and suddenly there is a 30 - 40% chance of rain today!
Since it's Florida we thought we would still take our chances and hope that a short fat rainpour will take care of the 40% chance of rain.

Oh no... as soon as we got to Magic Kingdom it started raining. But it was misty, drizzling. So we hoped it would end. Typically we don't have these long rainy days in Florida.

We already made the hour long drive to Disney... why turn around and go home?
The other option would have been to walk around Downtown Disney, but then it was too late to turn around so we just said "What the heck" and went inside!

Ooh, I was so glad I brought hoodies for Julian and I, it got a little chilly with the rain and the wind, and you have to take the boat or train to get from the parking lot to Magic Kingdom. It has been so many years that I've been that I completely forgot about that.

Luckily it stopped raining and as we were finally inside, one of the parades started.

Hubby lifted Julian up on his shoulder and our little guy was sooo excited!

Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, Daisy, Donald, Goofy... all his favorite Mickey Mouse characters
and then some!!

I love watching him like this... face lit up, smiling, clapping and yelling "Yay, yay, yay!!!"

Then it was already time for lunch, hot dogs and corn dogs! Easy peasy :) And of course french fries.

Then the downpour started again... well, again just drizzling away, but constantly!! And the wind! We broke down and bought ponchos for all of us, $8.50 for an adult, and $7.50 for a child!!

But only using the umbrella just didn't make any sense. Despite his little hoodie, Julian's legs and arms were getting soaked, and so were we.

So here is the little man with his poncho, still a bit too long :)

He twirled around in it at first, loving it!

But then he wasn't very happy about it anymore, despite me showing him that literally almost everyone was walking around in a poncho!!

We went on two different short rides and the choo choo train, hoping it would stop raining.

But unfortunately it just kept going and going. Since we hardly paid anything for today's park entry (still had our 3 day passes), we decided to pack up and leave around 2:30pm.
But Julian wanted to stop at the Candy store first.

So we bought some chocolate croissants, hubby bought some chocolate, I scored a cute Mickey Mug for Julian and I to share, a Mickey cookie cutter form, and Julian scored a Mickey Mouse spatula. It's what he wanted and we actually can use another small one so he got it!

They also had a few older guys sing some old songs, the bee-bop kinda songs, and Julian was just fascinated.

We see more and more how much he likes music, dancing, listening, singing it...

It was about 3pm by the time we got into the car and were able to leave. Since it was warm enough in the car I just took Julians soaking wet pants off, and put a little blanket on him, which he loved.

Soon enough he fell asleep and actually only slept for about 1.5 hours, which was perfect since guess what...

We lost an hour last night! Spring forward time!!

With me trying to get Julian to bed earlier and up earlier in the morning, this worked out perfect.

Tonight was no problem, bedtime was early enough that I was able to wash my new mug and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream.

I low how the mug handle has a little space to put the porcellain spoon in it.

Sorry, not the greatest pictures, but all of my blog pictures have actually been taken by my iPhone.

I am starting to think I should rename my blog to

"My life through my iPhone"!

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