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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Registering for Pre-School :(

So a while ago Vince and I started looking at preschools for Julian to start in September.

We finally settled on the first one we looked at, St. Andrews as our current nanny said she didn't mind continuing to watch Julian afterwards, even on Mondays if hubby finds a Monday - Friday job.
And even a new baby, if we will have another one.

The other place right next to home was great too, cheaper as well, clean and friendly.

But the clingy overprotective parents that we are, we were more comfortable starting Julian off slowly and sheltered in preschool 2x weekly for only 3 hours in the morning... then going back to his routine of staying at the nanny's house, meal time, nap time, etc. included.

I know he would eventually be fine, I know I know, trust me.
But it just broke my heart imagining my baby at the daycare from 8:30 - 5:30/6:00pm at night 5 days as week. In a class with 14 other kids, 1 teacher. Naptime in a big room on a mat on the floor.

Again perfectly fine and great, but just not something he's used to. And since we do have the option, we chose to keep him in an environment he is already comfortable with.

Big big pressure off our shoulders!

Now we just have to get Julian completely potty trained by the time he starts!

Five months... should be doable right?

Good thing - he already likes sitting on the potty and reading lots of books.

But he still asks for his diaper, mostly when he wants to poop (sorry for the non-parents out there).
He does tell me he peed... afterwards.

Soon :)

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