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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Electric cars are cool!

No, I'm not talking about the Toyota Prius, I'm talking about these adorable cars for kids!

Where were they when I was a child??

Not that my parents would have ever spent the money to indulge and buy us something like this!
We didn't grow up poor at all, not rich either, just normal middle class, but my parents never believed in wasting money or buying us cool toys just because other kids had them.

BTW I don't think they have these cars in Germany yet. But I'm not sure.

I just remember when we were in Thailand on one of our family vacations, I must have been around 12?
We visited my parents' friends and their kids had a kid electric motorcycle they rode around their house, and it was sooo much fun!

Hubby has been wanting to get Julian one of these cars, but I have put my foot down and said no - not until he's at least 3.

I know they have those toddler cars that only go about 3 mph but even those run around $100 or more and I don't want to waste money on something that slow that Julian will outgrow very quickly.

So he will just have to wait until his 3rd birthday in August until he gets a cool car like one of these!

I wish I were small enough to fit into it with him!!

There was a little police car that he actually really loved... but didn't take a picture of that.

Other than that I couldn't tell if he had an absolute favorite or not.

We went to dinner quickly at Cheddar's, then  ran over to Babies R Us to pick up Julian's crib converter kit.
He's going to have a big boy bed with rails soon!
 Which means whenever daddy finds time to put it together.
Sure I could do it myself, but what do I have a husband for??

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