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Friday, March 9, 2012

More Vietnamese Food!

Last night I was busy packing a ton of things into boxes to mail off.

My best friend's little boy in Germany will turn 3 next week, so I got him a cute little shirt and jacket at Target (on sale here since winter time never showed up in Florida but hello... it's still cold in Germany, perfect!) and also some hex bugs. Julian loves these things, have you seen them?

You can check them out at

We bought ours at Target, but you can get them at toystores or Amazon.

We first discovered these last year at my friend's house. I bought Julian his first two when we flew home to Thailand last October and he was entertained for hours.

My best friend and I were so thrilled when we found out we would have little boys just 5 months apart from each other.

A dream come true! Best friends, pregnant together, having kids at the same time.
But we were also so very sad that they won't grow up together... that we can't go on play dates together and really enjoy and grumble about motherhood together as we always had dreamed.

Pictures and emails of course help us stay connected, as well as videos and Facebook.

So every once in a while we see something that our son likes and we make sure the other "son" gets it as well :) Not overly often but this definitely made me think of my little man in Germany.

I also had a package for my friend in Mexico (they left their stuff in our stroller while at Disney), a birthday card for another friend in Germany, and a card that Julian made for grandma and grandpa.

And what did I discover when I got to the Post Office??

A new Vietnamese Restaurant!!


Of course I had to head in there first, as I did not have any lunch yet.

Scanned the menu quickly, typical Pho and other items.

And yummy Banh Mi's!

Vietnamese sandwiches!

So I ordered one, as well as fresh springrolls, and then headed over to the Post Office to do my duty.

I didn't check the sandwich until I was back in the office... I was disappointed that the bread was kind of hard. I would have returned it at the store! But I have to admit, it was still very delicious.

I will be back to try out their Pho!

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