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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Refrigerator oatmeal with Raspberries

I loved the mango in the oatmeal, but I also had raspberries from my Costco trip on Sunday and I did not want to waste them. Nowadays Julian only eats a couple of them whereas he could finish a whole bowl when he was younger.

Started with my old fashioned rolled oats, about 1/2 cup.
 About 1/2 cup fat free greek Fage Greek yogurt.
 1 tbsp ground flax seed meal. You can use however much you would like.
 About 1/4 cup slivered almonds.

 Skim milk to top it off plus some more.

About 1 tsp wheat germ, or however much you like or you can omit. 

Today I didn't use any sweetener, only Smuckers sugar free raspberry preserve.

I used Splenda for the mango oatmeal.

I added fresh raspberries on top so that they will only be stirred in tomorrow morning when I am ready to eat.

And here you have it...

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