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Saturday, March 24, 2012

The macarons are ready for presentation...

Ahhh don't you love my beautiful iPhone pictures??? :)))

One of these days I will have to use our Canon Rebel again... I just don't bring it out often enough, and am too lazy to upload the pictures afterwards.

Ever since I have my iPad I barely ever open my Powerbook, but one of these days I will have better pictures on this blog.

So here are my macarons... assembled and ready to eat!

I filled more than half with the white chocolate ganache, which turned out beautifully.

Julian was allowed to lick the whisk and was so proud!!

I was too busy filling the macarons and didn't take a picture of him licking the whisks clean :))

The rest I filled with strawberry preserve... I was planning on raspberry as I thought I had some, but nope...

only strawberry.

After sitting in the fridge for one night (filled... so the 2nd night in the fridge) they came out tasting amazing!!

Even my friend Tanja, who came in from Germany last night said they taste just like the ones she gets

when she is in Switzerland :)

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