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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Work can be so much fun!

We celebrated one of my supervisor's birthdays at work today. She actually grew up in Vienna, speaks German, but has been living in the US for many many years (came here as a teenager). Surprisingly, we do not speak German with each other at all! I guess it's too weird if you are used to speaking a certain language with someone and much harder to switch than you imagine.

For example, my sister and I grew up speaking German with each other... to this day we communicate in German, and it's really awkward for us to have to speak Thai with each other even though we both speak Thai fluently and use it without any concern when we speak with our parents and the rest of our Thai family and friends.

My sup's team of course know about her German background, and decorated her desk with pictures of David Hasselhoff LOL of course I had to play along with that one!

When I called all of my supervisors into my office for a "meeting", the birthday girl was the last one to walk in to a room full of us, a birthday cake, a balloon and "I've been looking for freedom" blasting from the radio, hehe.

Yes, all of you in Germany... and I know all of my friends know this song!!!

So here's to cultural diversity :)

And to David Hasselhoff! (No, I wasn't a fan!!)

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