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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Good bye Cleveland!

After an all day Six Sigma Training class, which was actually really good, I ended up curled up in my hotel room bed again, reading my Kindle, taking a hot bath with my "Lush" bath salts, and ordering Room Service. Our professor was such a breath of fresh air... so young but so smart and accomplished. She looked like in her mid 30's only, has her PhD in Organic Chemistry but is working in Quality Consulting.

After the training class we all drove to Mally's, a local Ohio chocolate store, and the line was crazy as everyone was there buying chocolates and chocolate covered strawberries for their sweethearts. I bought chocolate covered caramels for my hubby, and a little Squirrel holding a heart and some chocolate for my baby :) One of my coworkers bought chocolate covered strawberries for all of us, and two boxes of chocolate covered bacon for her husband!

Dinner consisted of( I didn't take a picture like I usually do) - linguine in pesto, prince edward mussels in white wine broth, chicken cordon bleu soup and a side salad. Yes, I was completely stuffed afterwards.

Breakfast was quick and topped by a chocolate covered strawberry from my sweet coworker, then we headed to the airport. I actually managed to download another movie on iTunes last night, even though I was seriously doubting that I woudl be successful after I checked a few times and it told me I had 1600 hours left until the download was complete!! I just left the iPad to download overnight hoping the connection speed would improve at one point. I was lucky! So I was able to watch "Definitely, Maybe" on the flight home... what a cute movie!!!! So adorable, a romantic movie right up my alley!

So this is me leaving the hotel in the morning - you can't see but it was snowing!

And this is what greeted me in sunny Florida... 78 F!!

Once at home I took off with my hubby to look at new homes again. Really just the ones I looked at Friday since we wanted to be able to look at them together, so much easier to determine what we like and what we don't like. The good news: we like and dislike the same things! No bad news :)

Then we picked up Julian together... what a treat for him! We wanted to stop by Carraba's to see if they would have any openings for dinner, but at just a few minutes after 5pm they already had a line out the door, so we just stopped by Village Inn and had our Valentine's Day family dinner there :) As long as we are all together, we don't care where we eat!

Oh, this is what waited for me at home today :)

Including two cards from hubby and baby... my hubby knows how much I love cards!

 Happy Valentine's Day everyone... how did you celebrate?

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