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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy birthday to my dad!

Sending you big hugs and kisses across the oceans between us! At least I was able to chat with my parents, specifically my dad for a while this morning. As it was still early when we called them, we also connected over FaceTime and my parents were able to see Julian and talk to him. That was really the major reason why I bought my dad an iPad in October when we flew back to Thailand. It's just so much easier to use Skype/FaceTime than on his older Laptop. He has also been complaining that his laptop is older and slower, and freezes up more often. According to my mom, the iPad rarely leaves his side, it's so easy to use, turns on and off so quickly, and it's much more mobile and they just love being able to see their grandson roam around at home! Julian still remembers Grandma and Grandpa from our vacation in October... he still asks for them, especially Grandma (because it has been easier for him to prounounce the Thai "Yai" I believe), and often is calling Grandma on his plastic phone, or packs his bag and wants to see Grandma in Thailand!

He is also getting used to talking to them on the iPad, at first he was a little skeptic, but not he talks to them, he shows them things, he feeds them, hands things over to them, kisses them, and I love it especially when he takes over the iPad and runs around the house because he wants to show them his room, something in the kitchen, etc.

We then picked up our friends from last night and headed over to North Tampa to eat lunch at a Vietnamese Restaurant. Pho here we come! At first we made our own fresh rolls (Nem Nuang), and Julian actually loved the fresh springroll skin, and the plain rice vermicelli with some hoisin sauce. Ahhh I am so proud of my little Asian baby :) At least he tries new things and actually likes to eat a variety of things including Thai noodles, etc. My worst fear was that he would turn out like his daddy!!!! When it comes to eating only! Life as a picky eater can't be easy or fun.

After lunch we visited the Pet store across the street and Julian had the best time looking at the kitty cats, the birds, and the fish. Oh, and we saw some dogs too :)

Our last stop before heading home was a Boba Team place. Again another thing that is hard to find around where we live *sigh*. Julian liked the boba tea and the tapioca pearls, and then he wanted to get up on stage with our friend, and they jammed to the music, dancing, singing into make believe microphones and bowing at the end of the songs LOL

At the end of a loooong morning, my little munchkin fell asleep in no time once we got home, and I cuddled up with him and enjoyed our Saturday naptime :)

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