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Thursday, February 2, 2012


I love, love Pho! Even though it's not easy to satisfy my cravings considering there is only one Pho place in the area so I was excited when I found the new Pho place at the Mall Food Court and it was so good!

Julian is back to almost normal so I dropped him off at the babysitter's today, and went out during lunch to buy a few things at the mall. Hmmm... perfect opportunity to have their Pho! This time I also tried their fresh spring rolls, they were delicious too. Affordable, fast, and attainable :)

What else did I get at the mall? I love Victoria's Secret... but today I bought a gift for a friend, and some lipgloss to send to my sister in Italy.

How can you not love the combination of red and pink? *sigh*

These have become my most favorite lipglosses! Infallible from L'Oreal. They go on smoothly, and they stay without sticking too much to the point that you have to scrub your lips raw at the end of the day to get rid of the colour. 

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