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Monday, February 6, 2012

Who invented germs??

Don't you wonder about that? Now that Julian is finally feeling better, apparently I got the same cold from him. I have been battling a low grade fever since Saturday night, I don't even know why I went to work this morning. I still blame my mom... when we were little, she never let my sister and I stay home, unless it was very very severe or ordered by the doctor. Even with a fever, headache, stomach ache, you name it, she would give us some Tylenol (or rather Paracetamon) and send us off to school telling us "You'll feel better soon, if not, you can come home later but you have to go to school first."

My head was hurting, my eyes burning and I was so tired from being up coughing, so shortly after lunch I headed back home so I could cuddle up with my little babyboy and take a long afternoon nap with him.

That alone is almost worth being sick :)

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