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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Shopping Day

Hubby had to work again, so Tanja and I went shopping... with Julian of course :)

He found this cute little kid size lawn chair with an umbrella! Too cute! Made from cedar, $69.99 at Costco!

Tanja wanted to try the new Vietnamese restaurant I showed her, so we stopped there for lunch.

After a nice long lap, we all had dinner at Little Harbor, where my little silly monkey wanted to walk in the sand... held by mommy or daddy! He did not want his feet in the sand, he said it was "ick"! Oh yes... we have to work on this again now that it's starting to get hot.

The food was delicious as always.

I ordered the crab cake sandwich. The side was jicama slow with edamame and pineapple, very light and crisp!

Now what do you do with this??? :)

Wishing you a beautiful Saturday!

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