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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Waiting for my birch box

So can I just tell you that I'm excited??

Do you know what a Birch Box is? I heard about this just recently, thought about it for a while, and then decided to just go ahead and sign up and see if I will get an invitation. Within one day of signing up, I received my invitation email, and so I am now ready to receive my monthly birch box through the mail. I know I know, it's been around since last year and I just discovered it now, but I barely ever know what's going on in the world around me with a full time job, a toddler and a hubby who has been on business trips over 50% of the time. Then Nick Jr without commercials is typically on TV so I don't see any ads for hip and hot stuff. (We have recently expanded to the Disney Channel)
If I didn't have my iPad I would never be able to catch up on any shows! The ABC Player app and Netflix are my best friends! And I wasn't reading any cool blogs and hadn't discovered Pinterest so I was clueless! 

I'm typically not someone to spend a whole lot of money on expensive cosmetics, skincare, etc. I just recently moved from mostly L'Oreal, Maybelline & Co to Clinique since I just love love love their cosmetics and skincare. And Happy.

Here is what you will get with your Birch Box subscriptions -  for $10 a month, you receive a pink box in the mail filled with about 4 - 6 samples. The samples are supposed to be generously sized and match a "beauty profile" that you fill out so you can receive items that you like and are configured for your type. If you like the samples, you can either fill out a postcard that comes with the box to order the full size version of any sample in your box or go online and order through the website. You also earn reward points each month you spend money - either by continuing your monthly subscription or buying products. You can use those points for the purchase of any product.

I figured I could give it a try and see if there are any products that will win me over with their charm. I like the fact that you can cancel your subscription any time, and shipping is free!

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Have you heard of Birchbox? Are you signed up for it or anything similar?

So now the waiting begins :)

And once I am done with my big presentation tomorrow, I will be able to sit back and relax for a little bit!

With love,


  1. Hallo liebe Phanit,
    wenn mein marodes Englisch mich nicht im Stich gelassen hat, freust Du Dich, nun regelmäßig schöne Kosmetika zu erhalten. Oder? Es ist irgendwie immer toll, Päckchen zu bekommen. Für mich jedenfalls :o) Ich hoffe, Du hast Spaß und es ist das richtige für Dich dabei ♥
    Liebe Grüße, Elke

    1. Liebe Elke, Dein Englisch hat Dich nicht in Stich gelassen! Ich freue mich unheimlich auf mein erstes Paeckchen, denn ansonsten kaufe ich so gut wie nie neue Kosmetika. Vielen Dank :)
      Liebe Gruesse, Phanit

  2. I've have never heard of this before. Now you will have a nice package delivered to you every month with goodies inside!

    1. Oh good, I wasn't the only one then! I can't wait to open my new box!


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