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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Strawberry season!!

Oh how I love strawberries and strawberry shortcake!!! The only time I ever took Julian there was when my parents were still here during their 4 month babysitting stay. Since I had the day off with him, and it was beautiful, I figured we'll go have some strawberry shortcake, buy some fresh fruits and veggies at the same time, at a great price!

Pro - the strawberry shortcake was delicious!! Con - Julian didn't care for it LOL, he took three bites, but at least he tried :) and he liked the whipped cream.

We only bought a small container of strawberries, hubby won't eat them and Julian does only sometimes, so these are just for me.

Ahhh... don't you just love all that "Kitsch"??? To me, this is so typical American! The big red strawberries, all so loud and bright, you couldn't find this anywhere in Europe!

We did have a great time though :) Just strolling around looking at the flowers and plants, and then Julian helped me pick out veggies, helped me bag them, and picked up veggies I dropped! He is the greatest little helper in the world!

Thursdays is $1.99 Happy Meals at McDonald's and since we really don't go there very often, I decided to take Julian there for lunch. He's been insisting on sitting inside whatever place we go, instead of picking things up to eat at home. 


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